This is a blog about China, where I lived and worked as an American ex-patriate from 2007-2016. Along the way I made many dear friends and married a Chinese widow from a remote part of China who has never been outside of the Middle Kingdom.

In 2016 I turned 62 and began a new chapter in my life; a chapter devoted to understanding and sharing all that I have learned in what has been a very interesting and eventful life.

I hope to be entertaining and informative. But more than anything else I hope to promote understanding. China is now a world player. It has the world’s second largest economy and is increasingly playing an active role on the regional and global geo-political stage. We can’t simply ignore the dragon in the room.

Part of my objective, therefore, is to help the West better understand both China and, more importantly, why it is the way it is. That is the only way the West can be pro-active in understanding, predicting, and, ultimately, influencing China’s behavior.

Just as importantly, I hope to help the West better understand itself by offering insights gained from afar and by putting those insights into a Chinese context for greater clarity and understanding.

I have also authored several books in multiple genres covering a wide range of topics, including China, both in a fictional and non-fictional context. You may find a list by clicking the Books tab in the navigation bar at the top.

Everything on this site is copyrighted but you are free to quote, copy, and distribute the material as long as you give me credit as the source where feasible.

Copyright © 2016 Gary  Moreau

Contact:  understandingchina@yahoo.com

Gary Moreau
Gary Moreau, former glassmaker and lifelong student of life




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  1. I devoured seven entries in twenty minutes. Great stuff, and a blast to read. Thanks for sharing; I look forward to more in the months ahead.

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